Reclaim power. Build a better world.

We find ourselves radicalized by the need to explain.

42 people hoard as much wealth as 3.7 billion of the planet’s poorest.
Black families have only $5.04 per every $100 a white family has.
35% of women have suffered physical or sexual violence.
Students are in over one trillion dollars of debt.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

Our powerlessness is not the result of chance or nature. Society is the way it is and we are where we are because of history and the ways the powerful wield it to reproduce structures that benefit them and disempower us.

The Apparatus is a resource for people who believe in the possibility of building a radically different alternative.

Insight explains power. Context proves power. Action reclaims power.

The Apparatus clarifies power dynamics and investigates ways to disrupt them.

The Apparatus gathers the most useful ideas, data, and tools from organizers, activists, scholars, and journalists and re-contexualizes them in a network that exposes power dynamics.

Power is structure wielded by those that benefit from its reproduction. To build a better world, we need to understand the extent and roots of the power we want to reclaim. When crisis strikes, we need to explain power’s stake and organize around new structures that serve everyone.

History hasn’t ended. There are better worlds ahead of us so long as we reclaim the power to build them.